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The matchline properties are listed there. It's meant to be used with dependent views, so if you have an overall plan and you create several dependent views from that (to break up a building to fit on multiple sheets), then you place match lines in your overall view and they will display in all your dependent views. Join Date August 9, 2011 Location Louisville, KY Posts 6,398 Current Local Time 10:31 PM Revid Property Management manages a roster of rental properties throughout the city of Memphis and its suburbs. Midtown to Whitehaven, Hickory Hill to the University of Memphis area, each of our managed properties are professionally managed and well-maintained.

Revit matchline properties

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Now we need to add  Revit MEP 2011 Glossary Terms Model Lines used both in project rvt files and in the that will hide the subcategory in all NEW views especially 3D edit the Type properties of To complete this match line we need to add a view refere 4 Oct 2016 You can find it in View – Sheet Composition. You can customize the appearance of Matchlines by editing the line weight, color and pattern in the  11 Sep 2018 Ideally I would want it to remain somewhere inbetween the Matchline I don't know if the API can address this property (Grid / per view), but if it  15 Jun 2017 While the properties of your plan will not be dependent on the parent view, long as the matchline/crop region/annotation crop is managed correctly). If you' re still not sure, we recommend reaching out to your R 19 Apr 2021 Note: Matchline properties are not available in elevation or section views, because specifying top and bottom level constraints do not apply in  Project Location. Matchline. View. Sheet Composition. ▽ Relocate Project Extensions.

Now select the Scope Box, in the PROPERTIES box, you can give the scope box a name.

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Description. Constraints.

Revit matchline properties


Click View tab Sheet Composition panel (Matchline). Sketch the matchline. Click the Annotation Categories tab.

The BuiltInFailures MatchlineFailures type exposes the following members. 2017-06-14 · While visibility of elements can be controlled using worksets and override graphics in view, the most efficient way is to use filters.
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Revit matchline properties

Is this something that will need to be recreated in my model? Also when I place a view reference near the matchlines, it only says "Ref" even though I have associated it with the correct defendant views, but it will not auto fill out the name of the view.

Just make sure the boundaries of the scope box and the crop region do not cross or the column lines will show up. Now select the Scope Box, in the PROPERTIES box, you can give the scope box a name. Revit MEP is the design and construction documentation solution for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering. Seamlessly collaborate with architects using Revit Architecture software in an intuitive design environment.
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Then select each reference > from properties, assign Target view. The references will be complete once the dependent views have been placed on sheets. You can control this behavior in view properties, and disabled the annotation crop option. Creating Match Line. Now we need to add a reference to tell people about which sheets are the views.

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A matchline and a view reference provide you with the ability to provide split views on Revit sheets. Shaun Bryant shows you how to set these elements and views up in a project. You can customize the look of matchlines by editing the line weight, color, and pattern in the Object Styles dialog. See Object Styles.You can add view references near a matchline to link views. Matchline should be used in conjunction with View Reference to get smart sheet references for split views.

In this video, you will learn how to use matchlines and view references in Revit.